Living YOUR Own Story…

I’ll never forget when I first saw the commercial that advertised that Direct TV could now be accessed from anywhere.  It showed a person moving from one device to the next without ever missing a bit of his TV show.  I thought to myself, “Great, now we will never get away from our media.”

We live in a culture that is obsessed with visual entertainment.  During the last economic downturn, the one industry that never seemed to miss a beat was the movie industry!  Then came Netflix and the ability to watch an entire season of our favorite show in a one weekend TV binge. (Of Course I wouldn’t know this from personal experience…)

But in my moments of clarity, I step back and wonder why we are all so enamored with watching other people live their stories instead of living our own stories??

Sometimes I think we use media as a diversion.  Our life is chaotic and so it is better to get wrapped up in a movie or TV show than to deal with our mess.

I recently purchased Donald Miller’s Storyline book.  I really have enjoyed it.  The book is a workbook and it helps you examine your life by plotting out the events of your life like a novel or a screenplay.  Once you have done that, you are supposed create up to five stories in different areas of your life.  Things like Husband, Leader, Friend, etc..

But the biggest thing that Miller encourages his readers to do is to PARTICIPATE.  When we fail to participate in life we can become depressed and fail to grow and mature.

Last weekend, Paula and I traded in the standard “Dinner and a Movie” for a night walking around downtown taking pictures with our SLR Camera.  We are planning to have a couple more “photo” dates because we only were able to cover a small portion of downtown.  We had so much fun.  Much more fun than sitting in a movie, watching somebody else live out their story on a big screen. Here is one of the pics…


And we saved a bunch of money too…

So get out there and live YOUR story.  You might find that your story becomes one worth telling!


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