Taking it to the Streets…

Last Friday our church had an outdoor movie night.  In preparation for this event we decided to take it old school, we decided to go door to door in the neighborhoods around our church.  

I’m not sure that any of us knew what to expect.  I wasn’t really expecting to have a huge turnout.  After all, there are only a few people in this world who have the ability to walk up to a complete stranger and feel comfortable.  Most of us would rather do about ANYTHING other than go door to door.  

But what we found was that most of the people were delightful!  In fact, Tyler said to me that he was surprised at how nice all the people were to us.  By the end of the night, my boys were telling me to go to a different door because I tended to take over the conversation.

We tend to keep other people at arms reach.  We build fences to keep people out.  We put in alarm systems to protect ourselves from others.  We keep our guard up around people we don’t know.  Our first inclination is suspicion.  

Maybe we have been well conditioned by stories that we hear on the news.  Stranger Danger is our motto.  Of course, there are situations where we need to be guarded, but if we are open to interacting with others, we might find that the people we meet along the way are actually delightful people.

We all long for a place that we can be connected to others.  We are all looking for community and friendship.  When our interactions with others are guarded, when we are suspicious of others, when we build fences to keep others out, we actually destroy community instead of create it.  Add to this the fact that many of us are substituting real live interactions with virtual ones, and it is no wonder that many of us feel alone.

We had a great outdoor movie night.  I am not sure that any of the people came that we talked to on our door to door adventure.  If nothing else, our “taking it to the streets” reminded us that there are people living in houses all around our church that may or may not know the abundant life that Christ gives.  

Our goal this year as a church is to be a place where people can find community.  In other words, we want to live into our name.  It could be that this door to door experience simply served to remind us that people are people.  The people living all around our church are searching for a place to be loved and to love.  They are just like us.  

It took getting over the lumps in our throats to realize this…

Just a thought,



One thought on “Taking it to the Streets…

  1. When I select like at the end of the blog I get a message that says I can’t do that because I have too many windows open. Not sure what I am doing wrong but I did LIKE the blog.

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