She said YES…

September 17th will always be a special day in my life.  It is the day I asked Paula to marry me.  When it comes to remembering dates, I am not the stereotypical guy who always forgets.  For some reason, September 17th is easy for me to remember.  Probably because I know I married up, and for some reason Paula said YES!  I felt like I won the lottery…

When I think about September 17th, 1994, I am amazed at how young we were.  Paula was 19.  I was 21.  She had no idea what she was saying “Yes” to…

She thought she was marrying a chemist, and ended up being a pastor’s wife.  The only problem is that she didn’t wear her hair in a bun, or know how to play the piano.  She didn’t wear her dresses down to her ankles or talk in that high pitched pastor’s wife prayer voice that must be taught somewhere in seminary.  She has always been unique, which is one of the things I love about her.

When Paula said “yes” that day it wasn’t a one-time “yes”.  It was a continual “yes.”   A “til death do us part” kind of “yes.”  For her, it meant taking on a role that she never prepared for.  It meant becoming the pastor’s wife.  And, I may be a bit biased, but I think that she is an amazing pastor’s wife.  On that night I proposed, Paula had no idea where that “yes” would take her.

I think what God really desires from all of us is a continual “Yes.”

Sometimes we have boiled the Christian experience to a “yes” to God at an altar somewhere.  That “yes” is important, but it also has to be followed up by a continual, daily “yes.”  Sometimes saying “yes” to God will lead us to places we never dreamed we’d be, but if we trust that our Creator has our best interests in mind, we know that wherever He leads us will be the best place for us.

Much like when Paula and I got engaged, when we launch out into a life of faith, we have no idea what all we are saying “yes” to.  We never know where we will end up.

I think the key to this kind of living is learning to enjoy each day and say “yes” to God in the smallest things in life.  We may have no idea where it will take us, but we can be assured that wherever it takes us, we won’t be alone!

Just a thought,



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