NYC Reflections…

I just returned home from Nazarene Youth Conference.  It was my 5th NYC to attend in a row.  Sometimes, after you have seen one, you have seen them all…  However, this was not the case at last week’s event.  God moved in powerful ways in students’ lives.  It was a privilege for me to get to be there.

But more than God working in student’s lives, God worked in my life.  Over the years, God has spoken to me through lots of “youth” gatherings.  When I am open and attentive to God’s voice, God never leaves me disappointed…

There seemed to be one main thing for me at NYC this year.  God was continually challenging me to think about what I treasure.  Obviously, as a pastor, I would say that I treasure my relationship with God above anything else, but sometimes in the drudgery of day to day life, our lifestyle can begin to speak otherwise.

Probably the one thing that will stick with me from this NYC was the final message by Eric Samuel Timm.  He had 24 boxes on the stage to represent each hour of the day.  Then he told us that we should get rid of the phrase “spending time” from our vocabulary.  We don’t spend time, we invest it.

Probably the best example of this was his illustration about guitar hero.  When I was a youth pastor, guitar hero was all the rage.  Eric talked about how investing time in guitar hero was a bit ridiculous because the return on your investment is small.  Even if you master every level on the game, you still can’t even begin to play a real guitar!  Imagine what would happen if the same sixth grader invested as much time in playing the REAL GUITAR.  Then he would have a skill that would last a lifetime.

This idea of investing time hit me over the head.  What am I investing in?  The latest Netflix binge or hours of mindlessly looking at Facebook for something interesting?  What are the returns on these investments?  Not that these things are bad in and of themselves, but what am I investing my life in?

When you are in your forties, you begin to realize how precious time is…

I want to invest it wisely…

I was privileged to get to share this NYC with my entire family.  When we returned, we sat around a table a Chili’s and talked about some new habits we hope to form as a family because of what God has done in our lives.


I’m excited to see where the journey takes us!

Just a thought,



1 thought on “NYC Reflections…

  1. You never disappoint ! When I read your statement “what am I spending my time on” …hit me too. After working all day sometimes we want “mindless” things to think about. The problem is it becomes habbitt! Thank you for bonking me on the head to wake up and make every minute count and more quality time with God.
    Brenda Elam

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